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Mindfulness for Athletes

This course is intended to introduce ideas & skills of mindfulness to help boost both mental and physical functioning in order to thrive in sport and daily life.
Participants learn to cultivate present moment awareness, become more in tuned with the mind-body connection through first hand experiences, learn ways to access being in the zone where peak performance happens, learn techniques to deal with unhelpful thoughts and performance stories, increase resilience and cultivate more stillness and clarity to help respond with wisdom to whatever is arising.



Sharpen your competitive edge during the Covid-19 downtime by learning the secrets to mindfulness for athletes while waiting for racing to start again.

  • How to achieve calm on the busiest of start lines

  • How to remain focused in the toughest of competition

  • How to tame and channel your anxiety and frustrations

  • How to more easily access your peak performance zone and drop into flow

  • How to outsmart the competition

Introductory Workshop - B 500

(one 45 min session + time for questions, cost deductible from 6 week programs)

6 week group coaching - B 8,000

(one 90 min session per week at a time convenient for all participants)


6 week one-on-one coaching - B 15,000

(one 60 min session per week)


Siri Chandler is a Thai-USA mindfulness coach based in the kiteboarding destination of Paknampran, Thailand. She is a kiteboarder and former Thai national Laser Radial champion. She shares the secrets she wished she knew when she was a competitive sailor in this special online Mindfulness for Sailors 2020 workshop series

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