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Mental Strength Training for Athletes

This training is designed for athletes who want to build mental strength and perform at their peak, especially while under pressure. It will specifically focus on how to stay steady and focused before and during events.  You will be introduced to practical short exercises and skills to help bring presence and supportive attitudes to your sport and to life in general.

The training includes specific practices linked to recent neuroscientific research related to peak performance, resilience, focus, and flow. 

We will cover ways to...

  • gain more calm and steadiness before and during a competition

  • keep cool while under pressure

  • bounce back after making a mistake 

  • deal with unhelpful and critical thoughts

  • motivate yourself in helpful ways

“It’s easy to get strong physically. What separates the 

good from the great is all in our mind.”

Kerry Walsh-Jennings

Program Includes:

  • Free Introductory session

  • Six 30-minute sessions 

  • Home practice invitations to practice and integrate what is learned 

If individuals want to go deeper into specific areas of practice, extra coaching sessions can be arranged. The six sessions are an overview.  

Price:  3,000 THB for the six 30 – minute sessions 

or 6,000 THB for six 45. - minute sessions


Siri Chandler is a mindfulness educator and was a competitive sailor (racing at international levels from age 12 to 37).  She participated in 3 Optimist Worlds, is a former Thai national Laser Radial champion, competed overseas and raced most weekends until she moved to Pranburi where she now wingfoils and kiteboards.  Looking back at her competitive years of sailing, she wished she had known about the skills of mind training --as it would have made her more at ease, focused, confident, resilient, and joyful during competitions.

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