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with Siri Chandler and Raphael  Adjani


Sundays, 24 October - 19 December, 2021

9 sessions


10:00 - 12:30 UK Time UTC+1

11:00 - 13:30 Central European Time UTC+1

16:00 - 18:30 Thailand Time UTC+7


Regular Price: 294 GBP /400 USD

Returnees Special Price: 147 GBP/200 USD

Special Offer: discount if you sign up as a group of four 183 GBP/250 USD each

One Scholarship Available: Contact us for details

Taught By 


Siri Chandler

Siri is a Certified Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion and an experienced mindfulness educator. She is a dual Thai-American national living in Pranburi, Thailand. Her genuineness, kindness and personal experience of the benefits of MSC and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) infuse her courses with a special personal touch. As an enthusiastic life-long learner, she devotes her time to continuously deepening her own practice which she has been cultivating over the past 25 years. She is especially drawn to bringing mindfulness into daily life in a practical way. She enjoys kiteboarding, trekking, and walking with her dogs on the beach.   


Raphael Jay Adjani

Raphael Jay Adjani is an integrative psychotherapist, resident life coach at Amaravati Wellness Center Thailand, and educator of over 30 years, including being a teacher of MSC & other Mindfulness based programs. Formerly  Honorary Programme Director of New life Foundation; and member of the teaching team of LGBT focused  Rainbow Mind, UK. As a lecturer in higher education, and teacher in corporate, community & health contexts,  Raphael has been helping people, for over 30 years to maximize their holistic creativity. 

A very well-structured and well-delivered course 

that manages to impart very powerful exercises and practices 

in a way that is gentle and not overly prescriptive; 

rather it is empowering, nourishing and 

offering practical tools from within oneself 

to find meaningful new ways to live. 

- Previous Course Participant

Course Description:

  • The central question of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is “What do I most deeply need?”

  • Empowering you to best respond to this question, and as a gateway to greater Life Fulfillment, we support you in clarifying your Core Values, and developing resources to live in tune with them. 

  • Research shows that Self-Compassion practice, combined with Mindfulness, rewires the brain in response to Life’s challenges: reducing stress and anxiety, and enhancing emotional wellbeing.

  • With MSC you learn practical skills to build resilience; and cultivate sustainable self-care, particularly in uncertain, challenging times. 

  • We train you in savoring and gratitude practices that are evidenced to improve life satisfaction.

  • We work on developing an enhanced understanding of the inter-relatedness of all beings: as research shows that significant personal growth takes place through cooperation, collaboration, and connection.

  • We teach you tools to better befriend yourself, and cultivate healthier relationships with others.

  • MSC is a comprehensive program engaging you mentally, physically and creatively. It consists of up to 40 practices and key exercises; group discussion and reflection. No meditation experience is required.

  • MSC is based on the ground-breaking research of Kristin Neff, and the clinical expertise of psychologist Christopher Germer. 

Siri and Raphael are wonderful guides on this journey within, 

and hold the space with tenderness, care and good humour. 

You are in very safe hands. 

- Mel, Previous Course Participant 

Additional Course Information:

You receive:

  • A comprehensive course handbook.

  • Links to online guided practices to support you during and after the course.

  • One free session, normally 14 USD, for Reconnecting with MSC, monthly online support programme.

  • Ongoing access to Reconnecting with MSC, providing a community of support to build your practice.

  • Free follow-up one-to-one consultation.

  • Free access to other MSC community resources to deepen your understanding.

  •  Accreditation that is a qualifying component to enable training to become a MSC teacher.


Our Approach:

  • We work in small groups to maximize group interaction: core to our learning process.

  • This course offers space for structured contact with teachers, small group work; and space for individual personalized, focused exploration; and application into daily life interactions.

  • MSC provides a safe space for us to become more caring and kind towards ourselves, while still caring for others.

  • While the course is taught in English, our communication approach supports a multi-lingual, multi-cultural group participation embracing diverse perspectives. We connect with participants from all over the world, including: Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, UK and USA.

The Course is Co-Hosted by Amaravati Wellness Center, Chiang Mai and Seeds & Sunshine, Bangkok

About Amaravati Wellness Center
Amaravati is a place for healing, replenishing, and regaining energy. Designed with Vastu Wittaya architecture amidst peaceful nature, and utilizing holistic Ayurvedic principles, Amravati's harmony between the individual's life and the universe can help you restore balance:


About Seeds and Sunshine
Seeds and Sunshine is a plant-based cafe and community space. Our goal is to build a conscious community of like-minded people, by planting a seed of curiosity through our plant-based food and holistic wellbeing events. Together we can make a difference:


Christopher Germer, Ph.D.

Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we give to others.

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